BTS’s V Proves To Be A Favorite Every Time He Appears On Japan Broadcasts

Legendary king.

Recently, BTS made an appearance on Japan’s CDTV for their upcoming Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY~. They performed their track “Your Eyes Tell,” which was composed by none other than the golden maknae Jungkook. This song will also be used as an OST for an upcoming Japanese movie.

While all the members did an amazing job regarding vocals and rap, many were blown away by V’s vocals and high notes throughout the song.

After the amazing performance of the song, Japan’s search engine sites were flooded with V’s name, proving his power and influence in Japan.

‘BTS V’ ranked eighth on Google Japan

V ranked second on Japan’s Twipple

‘Tae Tae’ ranked twenty-ninth on Yahoo Japan

‘BTS V’ ranked third on Google Japan Trends

He ranked seventy-three with his name ‘Taehyung’ as well

It was reported that V’s name always flooded search engine and social media every time he made an appearance on a Japan broadcast.

Source: theqoo