BTS’s V Reveals That J-Hope Looks The Scariest In The Group When He Does This During Performances

Sure, J-Hope can be smiley and bright, but he can be so intimidating when he does this during their performances, too.

Don’t let BTS‘s J-Hope‘s smiley face fool you — the truth is, his expression from this face…

…can instantly turn to this face when he’s doing a specific thing.

Sure, ARMYs already know that he has this intimidating aura to him whenever he’s focused.

But what specific activity is he focused on?

It turns out that whenever the group’s dancing machine is concentrating on monitoring their performances, he transforms from a bright sun to a dark moon that can easily intimidate all the BTS members.

His stare is extremely scary for the members that asked him directly if he could tone it down a little!

Hoseok-hyung, you give us a scary look when we make a mistake on stage. Don’t do that.

– V

Surely, you can feel V’s dilemma since this normally smiling face…

…can easily transform to this whenever he’s concentrating.

All the members, including J-Hope, laughed when V requested this.

You could see Jungkook laughing heartily, too, since he knows that whenever he makes a mistake, J-Hope is also the first person to notice.

V ended his request with an aegyo to lighten the mood and all J-Hope could do was laugh sheepishly as all eyes were on him.

Do you think J-Hope could do it?


Sometimes, though, Hoseok couldn’t help but let his serious side come out, especially when he sees something that he doesn’t agree with. Check out the next article below for more J-Hope-related goodness.

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