BTS’s V Shares When He Feels The Most Good-Looking

This is the moment.

During an interview with People Magazine back in 2017, BTS‘s V was asked when he feels the most good-looking.

Though initially shy to respond, the idol revealed that he felt the most handsome when he’s walking around on the streets!

He went on to explain that he feels the most handsome when he’s walking around and people who don’t know that he’s BTS’s V still stare at him. Just proves that he’s used to the stares, even from people who have never heard of BTS! The power of being handsome.

Many fans have commented that with a face like that, it must be hard to think of yourself as ugly, and people hope V knows just how beautiful he is inside and out. Also, people have noted that if they had V’s face, they would love looking at the mirror and see that visual everyday. Lastly, netizens have joked that if someone thinks BTS’s V is unattractive in anyway, they must need glasses because they have a vision problem!

Source: TheQoo