BTS’s V Is Stunned At ARMYs Artistic Talent And Asks Them To Join Big Hit

He was stunned at the fans’ talent!

On February 13, BTS‘s V took to Weverse to spend some time with fans. He was instantly blown away by all the artistic talent that ARMYs had and left comments letting them know how impressed he was.

A post regarding a photo edit of V gained so much attention that even V himself left a comment on it.

The post read, “There are so many talented ARMYs out there. V looks so good with this edited version with the beret.”

The photo they were referring to is by this Twitter user.

After seeing the post, V commented, “Wow this looks so natural, would you like to come work for our company?”

Another cool edit caught the attention of V as well.

“So how much talent do ARMYs have….”

Another fan commented that she didn’t have any artistic talent but was good at eating well. “Sorry Taehyung, I don’t have that much talent. But I am good at one thing which is eating well.”

To this, V replied, “I’m not someone that only looks at talent. Doing what you like is the best.”

This ARMY admitted that she drew decently but not enough to draw BTS. “I draw well too. But only for normal models. I can’t draw BTS because I’m afraid I will ruin your faces.”

V replied, “Where did you get that warm heart?” revealing how touched he was at their sweet thoughts.

This fan tried their best to draw V and was rewarded with a comment from him! “Taehyung I’m not the best but I tried.”

To this, V replied, “I cannot hide my admiration.”

V is such a sweetheart in that he takes his time to interact with his fans online. Do you have any talents? Try your luck and post it online and maybe V will reply back!