BTS’s V And Suga Are The Kings Of Fan Service For What They Did With This Water Bottle

They didn’t even know they were doing it or maybe they did.

During BTS‘s 5th Muster: Magic Shop in Seoul, they made sure to give ARMY exactly what they wanted and more.

At one point during the concert, Suga was asked to choose which member he liked best.

In order to make sure he was the one chosen, V handed him his own water bottle as a bribe. Suga took a sip, but it wasn’t captured on camera.

So, V made him take another sip as video evidence of him accepting the bribe. When he was asked to finally choose, Suga still chose himself.

But, the moment of V and Suga sharing a water bottle has fans more than happy.

Sometimes it’s the little things idols do that makes fans love them even more.