BTS’s V Took A Ride On The Subway And No One Even Knew It Was Him

Fans are happy if Taehyung is happy.

BTS’s V posted two photos through the Weverse app, revealing that he had gone on the subway station.

V’s little trip to the subway became so popular that it trended on the Daum Entertainment real-time search engine sites at number 4 (V) and at number 5 (V Subway). Even V’s hat that he was wearing started to gain attention for being a hat that was made by recycled polyester and is a fair trade sewing product.

Fans also revealed that this was not his first time on the subway as an old photo of V and Park Bogum on the subway resurfaced.

Fans were shook that he took public transportation and wondered how people near him could be so calm about this situation. Ultimately, fans were happy that V was able to have a good experience through this train ride.

“I’m happy if Taehyung is happy!”

“Did you ride the train well? You said before that you wanted to go around comfortably. You did good, love you Taehyung!”

“Subway? That’s great! To us it’s our daily life but to Taehyung it’s something special. I’m happy that you are able to do something that you usually can’t do daily.”

Fans hope that V and the other members of BTS can enjoy small but happy moments like this often.