BTS’s V Wearing A School Uniform Then Versus Now Proves He’s All Grown Up

From cute-manly to all man.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that BTS‘s V has always looked good in anything he wears.

bts v fact music awards

There’s just something about school uniforms, however, that have always been a classic ARMY favorite. V has worn it as a stage costume from debut until present.

From 2013 until 2019, the difference is certainly noticeable.


He looked like an innocent and pure teenager.

bts v - then


He’s on FIRE.

bts v - mama



He looked like the boy you dated in high school.

BTS v - then2


He’s the man you (hope to) bring home to meet your parents.

bts v - mama3



He had a baby face with the sweetest smile.

bts v - then4



He’s grown into his gorgeous features.

bts v - mama5


He was the 19-year old idol teetering between cute and manly.

bts v - then3



He’s all man, alright.

bts v - mama2

BTS’s 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards photos were a blessing to all ARMYs around the world.

Fans were able to see V’s growth from 2013 until present just through a simple costume change.

bts v - mama4

Source: theqoo
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