BTS’s V Wore Slingback Sandals For The YouTube Graduation Performance And Fans Are Loving It

V can pull off anything.

On June 7, BTS joined in with many others for YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” event and held a commencement speech and performance to congratulate the graduating class of 2020. During their performance, fans couldn’t help but notice V’s unique attire. His shoes, which were revealed to be slingback sandals, caught the attention of many fans.

Slingbacks are usually referred to as sandals with a strap in the back that reveals the heel of the foot. While mostly worn by women, V once again broke out the stereotype by wearing these shoes.

The shoes he wore for the performance were made by FENDI and were made out of nice brown leather.

His ability to make any fashion item work for him is powerful and brings influence to the people and to the fans.

His other fashion items that he wore for the performance were also unique and fit V’s concept and vibe perfectly. While performing “Mikrokosmos,” he wore a printed leaf shirt from Louis Vuitton.

For “Spring Day,” he wore an Acne Studios chiffon yellow shirt that had a unique design.

V is known for his unique fashion sense, as seen in performances and airport fashion photos. He is always able to make the outfit his own regardless of the items and rocks it like a king.

Fans loved that he was able to pull them off so well and complimented on how good he looks in them.

Check out his whole performance in these amazing slingbacks below!