Bulgarian TV Show Under Fire For Being Racist And Xenophobic Towards Korean Culture

This must stop.

A Bulgarian TV Show called Kato dve Kapki voda received harsh criticism after a contestant impersonated BTS’s Jimin while two hosts made disrespectful and inappropriate comments. This Bulgarian show challenges celebrities to transform into another celebrity from around the world in three months. Their goal is to become the celebrity in terms of personality and visuals.

In their most recent episode, a contestant dressed up as Jimin while both the hosts continued to make inappropriate comments about K-Pop and the Korean people. The two clips below reveal some of the comments that were made about Korea including referencing the Japanese flag, criticizing idols for looking too “feminine” and more.

This was reportedly not the first time the show has made racist and xenophobic comments on their show. They were previously seen mocking Psy and talking about North Korea.

They’ve also done an episode impersonating CL as well.

They have also been seen multiple times using blackface on their show in order to impersonate people of color.

BTS’s ARMYs have come together and put together templates to send an email to Big Hit Entertainment regarding the racist comments made about BTS on the show.

Hopefully fans can get to the bottom of this and stop the show from furthering their racist and xenophobic behavior regarding other races.

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