If You Want To Buy BTS Goods…Here’s What You Need To Go Through

Everyone wants a BTS merchandise, but you’ll have to fight an A.R.M.Y to get it!

With BTS having millions of fans around the world, it’s not a surprise that obtaining BTS merchandise is incredibly hard!


The lines at the release of BT21 in Korea had over 1,500 people in them. Making it even more amazing is the fact that only 600 of those people actually had tickets to attend the opening day!


The same release in New York saw over 3,500 people lining up.


But lines in Japan were even crazier!


Fans estimated the total show-up for the event was about 6000 people! And the line snaked over many blocks.


It was so crazy that it doesn’t even look like a line anymore!


Just a sea of A.R.M.Y all trying to get their hands on BTS merchandise!


It’s really no surprise that all of the goods were sold out! Every single item at every location.


The A.R.M.Ys literally go to war for a piece of BTS!

Source: Nate Pann


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