Buzzfeed gives Koreans virtual plastic surgery according to Korean ideals

In an extremely competitive country, beauty is no less of importance in aiming for perfection. In a recent Buzzfeed video, the common practice of plastic surgery was recreated to allow Koreans to see what they would look like if they had chosen to alter their appearance. Everyone has their insecurities and areas that they believe they should fix, and the people in the video are no different.

The Koreans, who are currently residing in America, have often been told by other Koreans that they should receive plastic surgery to enhance their features. It is commonly known that many Koreans believe that a person can succeed more if they change certain things about themselves.

A plastic surgeon first consulted the Koreans to study the face and point out features that he would fix and recommended different types of surgery.

Afterwards, the Koreans were photoshopped into a new image of what they would look like with plastic surgery. Most of them were photoshopped to have double eyelids, sharper jaw, and a narrower nose.

The photoshopped image of their new selves were revealed to the Koreans, and many of them expressed that they would not do plastic surgery after the reveal, and believed that doing surgery to alter and enhance their features would not be worth it.

Check out the full video here:

What do you think about the changes in their looks?

Source: Buzzfeed