Buzzfeed Takes Hit Show “Worth It” To Korea

To cap off the second season to their viral show, the Buzzfeed “Worth It” crew of Steven, Andrew, and Adam took to Seoul for a special international edition of the show. 

Joined by fellow Buzzfeed staff member Evan, who had previously led the group the first Korean BBQ “Worth It” video in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, the crew went to try three different galbi short rib dishes at three drastically different price points.

The group started off their adventure with $13 beef finger meat and $28 soy-sauce marinated beef ribs with world-renowned chef David Chang, who taught them a bit about Korean restaurants and specialty dishes.

Beef finger is rib meat that is cut straight off the bone.

To finish off their galbi trilogy, the group traveled to the Walkerhill Hotel’s Myongwolgwan, where they tried charcoal-grilled hanwoo beef ribs. Compared to the first two meals, the Myongwolgwan’s Byeonpung beef ribs came at quite a steep price tag, coming it at about $256 for a plate.

Hanwoo refers to cattle raised in Korea.

Eating galbi in Korea was definitely a great way to end the second season of “Worth It”, which has become a staple for Buzzfeed Video.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself which galbi was the most worth it at its price.