Camera captures how Moonbyul treats Solar in real life

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul was caught on camera acting like a parent or guardian to Solar.

Sometimes, the best way to know the true personality of a celebrity is through the numerous videos and photos that are taken of them while they’re not 100% aware. This time, Moon Byul was captured in a series of videos and photos that showed her in the most perfect light.

Check out the series gifs below and what the original poster described each video as!

Moon Byul asking why Solar [another member of Mamamoo] hasn’t come out yet from the car. She tells her security that Solar still hasn’t come out.
She keeps looking back at Solar. Solar jumps out following Byul.
After going in front of Solar, Moon Byul waits for her to catch up at the bottom of the stairs. She sends Solar up first due to her skirt. Then, she covers her skirt… wow..
Look at her manners.. I think it is because she has two younger sisters. Her manners just come out naturally.

Aren’t these two just the most adorable couple?

Source: Instiz