Camera Captures The Moment A Ghost Appears On A Korean Radio Show

On a popular radio show “2PM Date” hosted by Park Kyung Lim, a surprise uninvited guest appeared to the horror and delight of everyone present.

During the show, guest Park Gun Hyung began singing a song but while he was singing, a female voice sang along with him for a few seconds harmonizing.

When the voice stopped Park Gun Hyun stopped and looked around to ask if anyone had been singing. The female guest and DJ Park Kyung Lim answered horrified that they hadn’t.

This is when they realized that there had been a mysterious presence that was singing along with Park Gun Hyung.

Image Source: Today

Although scared, the DJ and guests were delighted by this surprise guest at the same time due to the urban myth that if a ghost appears during a filming or recording, the show always gains popularity and success.

Watch the video and listen carefully from 12 seconds in: