Camera catches G-FRIEND Yuju and Yerin Kissing Repeatedly

During a personal behind-the-scenes shoot for their new mini album “The Awakening” – G-Friend‘s Yuju and Yerin‘s interaction caught the viewers’ attention.

G-Friend released a special behind the scenes video of the G-Friend girls during their album jacket shoot. The girls were seen smiling constantly and the atmosphere was highly bright during the shoot for their 4th mini album “The Awakening.

One particular moment of the video showed the cute interaction and chemistry between G-Friend’s Yuju and Yerin. These two are known to be highly close amongst fans but fans did not expect these two to show their close relationship at this caliber.

Yuju grabbed Yerin’s shoulders, and the two unhesitantly started pecking towards each other’s lips. Their lips didn’t touch at first but in the final moment, a big smooch made contact, and they ended up looked content of their feat.

Yerin looked like she was reminiscing the kiss as she was staring off into the distance before reacting with a smile. Yuju looked ecstatic and full of energy after that energy boosting kiss immediately.

This has been a long time coming as G-Friend fans know that Yerin and Yuju also played around kissing in the past as well. Check out this video clip below!