Camera Catches BLACKPINK And Red Velvet Members All Staring At BTS

Yes, girls yes! Literally me right now!

Red Velvet and BLACKPINK were all captivated by BTS‘s performance at the Seoul Music Awards, where BTS performed “DNA” and “Mic Drop Remix”, as Red Velvet and BLACKPINK looked on from the audience.


As soon as the opening whistles came on for “DNA”, the girls got hyped up!

Yeri, Seulgi and Wendy all sang along to the song…

… and killed it in unison for the iconic “DNA” choreography!

Multiple fandoms may have been watching their every move, but that didn’t stop Seulgi and Lisa from jamming out!

Red Velvet and BLACKPINK were on point with their dance even during BTS’s “Mic Drop Remix”!

Leave it to quirky Jisoo to create her own rendition of “Mic Drop”!

At the end of it all, the girls just couldn’t keep their eyes off of BTS and their amazing performances!

I mean, who can blame them? Can you go through BTS’s performance without fangirling? 😆

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