Leaked video of actress Lee Si Young’s training shows she’s not just a pretty face

Footage of actress turned boxer Lee Si Young shows off just how good she is!

Many know Lee Si Young as an actress who starred in many popular movies and dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Poseidon, and many more. However, she is probably most well-known for being an actress turned amateur boxer! This is an amazing feat that is unheard of in the Korean entertainment industry.

She first started learning boxing while preparing for a drama that ended up not being produced, but through that experience, she realized her passion for boxing. After that, Lee Si Young continued to train and even went on to win several matches, such as the 7th Annual Women’s Amateur Boxing Competition in 2010. Due to some injuries and health complications, she has since retired from the sport in 2015.

However, nobody can deny the talent and passion she still has for boxing! This can be seen in a recently released footage of Lee Si Young’s boxing training.

Check out her amazing skills in the video below!

Source: Bada