This men’s cosmetics company is under fire for their sexually suggestive ad campaign.

Men’s cosmetic brand EXCEED caused controversy after they revealed their “There is no limit” campaign as many believed their campaign was too suggestive.

EXCEED’s “There is no Limit campaign” announced last year included a series of 91 short video clip and photo shoots regularly released to promote the companies line of men’s cosmetics. The campaign gained criticism for the video’s and images suggestive nature.

Many claimed it took “sex sells” too far.

The series of short videos includes a series of women wearing suggestive clothing and seducing men.  Close-ups of the woman’s body was a point of controversy.

Take a look at some of the short clips from the campaign below.

Possibly the most famous video from the campaign includes a woman and man at the gym as she seduces a man.

Girl Group Stellar also appeared in the men’s cosmetic campaign.

The members of Stellar each appeared in a solo photo shoot and seemed to have their concepts.

Members Hyoeun and Gayoung appeared in a shower concept while members Minhee and Jeonyul appeared in a swimsuit concept.

While the female idols stunning looks and perfect bodies were praised by fans, the campaign’s use of woman as seductive objects for men has been highly criticized.

Stellar member JeonYul appeared in the controversial shoot.

Source: Branding In Asia