You Could Actually Eat A Daily Diet Made Up Solely Of Foods BTS Has Endorsed—Here’s How

Admittedly, you’d probably get a little chubby.

At this point, BTS and their Line Friends brand BT21 have been endorsers for so many brands, you could actually build a daily diet plan made up solely of the different foods and drinks they’ve modelled for. Admittedly, all these calories would probably make you a little chubby over time, but one day of BTS-endorsed foods wouldn’t hurt.

Breakfast: Dunkin’ Donuts

What better way to start the day than with donuts? Back in 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts Korea partnered with BT21 to create a special range of limited edition treats.

Flavors included RJ’s Snow Milk Filled Donuts, Koya’s New York Cream Cheese Donuts, and Cosmic Star Kreme Donuts featuring all the different characters.

Vitamins: Lemona

It’s always good to get a morning health boost with vitamins too. In October 2019, BTS succeeded Red Velvet’s Irene as the new models for Lemona, a tasty powder packed with nutrients.

The vitamin powder even comes in limited edition packaging printed with the members’ faces.

Lunch: Starbucks

This year, BTS partnered with Starbucks on its “Be the Brightest Star” campaign. Alongside limited edition merchandise, the collaboration also included tasty limited edition foods.

The Blooming Purple Vin Chaud with a slice of Purple Berry Cheese Cake or a Purple Star Cupcake would make the perfect quick lunch.

Dinner: BBQ Chicken

Back in 2016, BBQ Chicken recruited BTS as endorsers to help target a younger crowd—likely a dream come true for foodie Jin.

Two of the dishes BTS promoted the most heavily included the BBQ Olive Mala Hot Chicken and the BBQ Coconut Chicken, both of which would make a filling dinner along with one of the restaurant’s sides.

Drinks: Coca Cola

Feeling thirsty? Wash everything down with an ice-cold can of Coca Cola. In 2018, BTS were the stars of Coca Cola’s 2018 Russia World Cup campaign.

Each member had their own colorful, limited-edition can and bottle designs.

Dessert: Chupa Chups

Finally, if you’re not filled up and still have room for a sweet treat, you can end the day with Chupa Chups for dessert. This is the most recent BTS food endorsement, a partnership with BT21.

As part of the collaboration, Chupa Chupa is releasing BT21-themed buckets filled with lollipops.