How You Can Tell TWICE Is Having A Comeback

It’s quite simple, really.

You can tell it’s comeback season for TWICE when jobless antis start up the rumor train.


The latest rumour comes from a post in a Korean online community that claims Sana said South Korea is a “strange country” in Japanese.


The Korean subtitles read “strange country”, while the English subtitles read “wonderland.”


The word Sana used, “fushigi” in Japanese, has several meanings and is closer to mysterious or wondrous rather than “strange”.

Source: selftaughtjapanese

Furthermore the Korean words “이상한 나라” are actually used in the Korean title for “Alice in Wonderland”, which further implies Sana was referring to being in wonderland not a “strange country”.


Nevertheless, haters have taken this opportunity to bring negative attention to Sana, TWICE, and Japanese people in general.

  • “Sana, screw off from the strange country of Korea” 
  • “Why do Japanese people feel such inferiority to Korea? I’m curious, is it because they’re monkeys? Sana, you must have suffered acting like a fox in a strange country, don’t come back again.” 
  • “Frick, seriously please don’t debut Japanese people in our country. TWICE, Produce 48, etc It’s really crappy” 


Fortunately, at least one netizen had the sense to speak the truth.

“Another hate post popped up, TWICE must be having a comeback soon.”

Source: Nate Pann