Canadian Streamer Responds To Hate Comments Asking Why She’s Dating A Korean Man

She has lost followers just for featuring her Asian boyfriend on her stream.

Lisa Vannatta is a Canadian streamer who is better known to her fans by her handle, STPeach.


With a huge number of followers, STPeach keeps herself busy as a video game streamer. She also posts vlogs and fitness content online.


Although she has a lot of supporters, STPeach deals with a fair share of hate comments. The hostility is most severe when she features her Asian boyfriend, Jay, on her content.


The majority of hate comments are racially charged, attacking STPeach for dating an Asian man.


Apparently, STPeach even loses followers whenever she posts content featuring her boyfriend. She doesn’t let the haters affect her though.

“I’ve gotten everything from being called a slut to much meaner things on the internet. It is honestly just funny at this point. People that have the time to comment these things aren’t happy with themselves, and you have to keep that in mind while putting yourself out there for people to judge.” — STPeach


Despite the hate they face everyday, the two stand by each other. They believe in their relationship, and don’t let haters deter them.

“We are both happy with one another. The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together. To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us.” — STPeach


Check out a clip of the two below:

Source: Dispatch, Nextshark (1) and (2) and Insight