CARATs Are You Ready? SEVENTEEN X Game Caterers 2 Is Coming

The longer the episode, the better!

Most recently, The Game Caterers 2 dropped a preview video for their next guests, SEVENTEEN! This series, directed by Na Young Suk, visits various artists and plays games at their workplaces.

In just one teaser, fans get a taste of the chaos of 13 members as they compete through games and quizzes. The teaser reveals the pros and cons of having 13 members in a group, with producer Na even joking that he will become “CARATs’ enemy” as he is determined to have all 13 members participate in order to succeed in the game.

A show producer posted on Instagram that the first-week episode was a whopping 80 minutes long!

First week. 80 minutes. Yup…

Netizens and fans could not contain their excitement for the long episodes!

  • “Guys what did you guys do over there haha.”
  • “Daebak!”
  • “Omg I’m so proud of them, for real.”
  • “Daebak lololol I can’t wait to watch it.”
  • “This is almost as long as a drama I can’t wait.”
  • “I’m so happy. If it’s three episodes then they are really releasing it with almost not edits haha.”

The show previously included guests such as BTS, the cast of “Vincenzo” and artists from HYBE, Starship, and more. On the other hand, the SEVENTEEN episodes will release through YouTube for three weeks on May 5, 12, and 19 at 11 PM KST.

Source: theqoo


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