Carats Are Cackling At The Deleted “Dirty Version” Of SEVENTEEN’s Ring Ceremony Video

“Once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever, PLEDIS.”

Carats are having a blast poking fun at the SEVENTEEN YouTube channel’s failed effort to upload the correct video of their latest “Team Ring Ceremony”.


The initial version that went live for a brief moment, before being taken down to private, included some seconds which are now deleted from what the fans are calling the “Clean Version” online. ICYMI: It unintentionally captured Jeonghan reaching over and grabbing around Dino‘s “area”…


… and the agency, as soon as they realized this, turned the video private and re-uploaded a new one with the potentially “scandalous” part removed.

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Carats, however, are having a blast teasing PLEDIS for thinking the fire has been put out.


Some fans are worried that the “deleted scene” will create trouble for the team.


But most Carats agree that no one is out to do any harm; they simply find it a hilarious blooper and just another day in SEVENTEEN’s crazy world!

Once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever, PLEDIS.

— YouTube User