Carats Realized SEVENTEEN’s New Song “HIT” Is A Perfect Fit For This Kind Of Ad

They think it’s going to be a real hit.

SEVENTEEN dropped a teaser for their upcoming summer bop “HIT” and Carats are already obsessed with the song. In fact, Carats have realized – even with the short 23-second version of it, that the track sounds perfect for all kinds of sports ads and are asking TV channels to use “HIT” in their broadcasts!


A Twitter account, by the handle @thlee_emotion, suggested that the Korean sports channels consider using SEVENTEEN’s new song for their coverage of the English Premiere League games set to begin August 9, 2019. In a short sample clip, this Carat showcased how “HIT” could really amplify the epic vibe of the video!

EPL is starting in August??? Sports channels, please remember the song “HIT”, a masterpiece about to blow up this summer 2019.

— Twitter @thlee_emotion

Not only is the song perfect for soccer clips, @thlee_emotions realized it’s a good fit for baseball clips too. Check out how SEVENTEEN’s new song helps build crazy anticipation in this baseball season campaign:

Please note that it’s a perfect fit for baseball too.

— Twitter @thlee_emotion

With that, Carats are even more excited to hear the full version of the song – to be released on August 5, 2019. Will SEVENTEEN’s song be taking over the sports channel ads this summer? Carats can’t wait to find out!

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Watch the official MV teaser here:

Source: THEQOO
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