In Case You Were Wondering, This Is The BTS Member With The Highest Net Worth

He’s ballin’.

As Korea’s biggest boy group at the moment, the boys of BTS are raking in the dough. As a group, BTS is worth $60 million USD. While most of their net worths are equal, there is one member who’s net worth is a little higher than the rest.

That member is your hope, J-Hope!

While all the other members of BTS are worth an estimated $8 million USD, J-Hope is worth $12 million USD. The reason why his net worth is a little higher than the other boys is due to the success of his solo mixtape, “Hope World”.

He isn’t the first member to release solo music, as Suga and RM have released their own solo mixtapes and EPs. J-Hope’s, however, is arguably the most successful. “Hope World” debuted at number #63 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and peaked at #38. The lead track of the mixtape, “Daydream”, has over 35 million plays on Spotify.

J-Hope has also collaborated with other musicians. He featured on Jo Kwon‘s track “Animal” and also featured on Dillaz song “Spices” with RM.

Some have speculated that after J-Hope, RM is the second richest member of the group due to his numerous solo work. Other think it’s Jungkook since he has appeared on numerous variety shows such as Flower Crew and King Of Masked Singer.

Despite his riches, J-Hope lives a humble life and very rarely brags about his money. Instead, he donated to numerous charities. In February of 2019, he donated ₩100M KRW (estimated $89,000 USD) to ChildFund Korea.

Source: CheatSheet