The Cast Of K-Drama “Love Alarm” Test Their Knowledge On The Show’s First Season

It was pure chaos!

Love Alarm stars Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram appeared in another video on The Swoon‘s YouTube channel to promote the K-Drama for Netflix. This time, they were put to the test to see how well they know about Love Alarm!

When asked a question, whoever rang the bell first would be able to answer, and the person with the most points at the would win a prize!

Kim So Hyun started strong when asked what Sun Oh’s father’s candidate number was in the election!

After that, the stakes were even higher when it was announced that the person with the fewest points would face a penalty! Suddenly, they were all a bit more competitive. Song Kang even got a warning for trying to give himself an advantage!

Without the advantage, Song Kang quickly realized that the game would not be as easy as first expected. His co-stars seemed to be picking up so many points that he thought they already knew the answers! It made them question if he had even watched the show.

At one point, he even thought that the game was rigged and tried to swap seats with Jung Ga Ram, even though his chair was technically closer. But Song Kang knew he needed all the help, so he decided to use his long legs!

Finally, after a question that seemed to stump all the stars and needed hints, Song Kang got a question right naming the forum Jojo and Sun Oh’s image was uploaded to. Even he couldn’t believe it was right…

Or so he thought! As So Hyun and Song Kang continued trying to figure it out, Jung Ga Ram snuck it and snatched the point away from under their noses!

Luckily, a question finally came up, which got him some points on the board! With that, all three started picking up points, and The Swoon even threw in some harder questions to determine a winner! Would you be able to put these scenes in order?

Make sure to watch the rest of the video to find out what the final scores were!

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