Cast of Korean-Filipino Movie “You With Me” Hold Their Fanmeet in Manila

Actors Hyun Woo and Jin Joo Hyung recently attended the You With Me fan meet in Manila alongside Filipino actress Devon Seron.

As part of their promotions for You With Me, Hyun Woo, Jin Joo Hyung, and Devon Seron traveled to Manila to attend the movie’s fan-meet.

A collaboration between Korea and the Phillippines, the movie tells a story about Kim (Devon Seron) who lives with her overprotective parents and ultimately meets Jayson (Hyun Woo) online. She ends up moving to Seoul, South Korea and starts a new life.

At the fan meeting, held at the Glorietta 4 Cinema, the main cast was able to spend quality time with their fans. Both Hyun Woo and Jin Joo Hyung expressed their surprise at the number of fans that showed up and the amount of love they were able to receive at the fan meet.

You With Me will premiere on September 27, 2017.

Check out photos from their fan meet in Manila below!

Actress Devon Seron with the fans.
The three main cast members at the meet and greet event.

Devon being interviewed in a studio
More behind the scenes photos of their interview.
Hyun Woo smiling brightly as he answers the reporter’s questions.