The Cast of “Running Man” Had The Best Reaction To Their Episode Featuring BTS

Lee Kwang Soo sure has an interesting memory of Jimin.

The episode of Running Man that featured the BTS members ended up placing first on BTS Variety Chronicles.

The members of Running Man even reacted to some of the scenes from the episode. One of the most memorable scenes is how Jimin was constantly hugging Lee Kwang Soo the whole episode.

Lee Kwang Soo even clearly remembers the member who was teasing him that episode.

Another popular segment from the episode was when Kim Jong Kook held down the BTS members.

Yoo Jae Suk even remembers the BTS members commenting just how amazed they were at Kim Jong Kook’s strength.

Kim Jong Kook seems to understand why this episode was chosen for first place. He believes it’s because he revealed Jungkook‘s abs during this episode.

Also, it seems that Jimin left quite an impression on Lee Kwang Soo.

Here is the full video below!

Running Man