The Cast Of “Running Man” Once Saved Jeon So Min From Nearly Embarrassing Herself On Broadcast

Lee Kwang Soo had the best reaction.

The cast members of Running Man love teasing each other, as the members tease each other nearly every episode.

There are also moments where the cast members have looked out for each other. One of those moments revolves around Jeon So Min.

It begins with Jeon So Min giving a small performance in front of everyone. The initial reactions are pretty positive, as everyone is just fixated on her.

The whole atmosphere changes once some of the cast members notices something off about Jeon So Min’s clothes.

The fact that everyone’s attention was so focused on Jeon So Min makes this even worse, as everyone was able to see Jeon So Min’s armpit area. The members immediately get her to stop and even try covering her up.

The heartwarming moment doesn’t last long, as the members start teasing her.

Lee Kwang Soo is the main person who starts teasing Jeon So Min, as he had some hilarious comments to say about her.

This eventually stops, as the cast members see that Jeon So Min is a little embarrassed.

Here is the full video below!

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