(★BTS) Celebrities Reacting To “DNA” Performance at American Music Awards (AMA)

BTS just made their first American award show debut with “DNA” at the 2017 American Music Awards… and the world can’t stop talking about it!

As expected, A.R.M.Y from around the world congratulated the boys for their outstanding performance.

But celebrities from around the world also gave special shoutouts the breathtaking stage!

First, Jared Leto came up on stage after the boys and couldn’t contain his amazement.

“I need a moment to recover from that performance.

That was incredible!”

— Jared Leto

American singer-songwriter Gallant gave a shoutout to history.

Eric Nam tuned in to show his support.

Billboard congratulated them on their grand debut.

And the famous iHeartRadio gave a neverending Tweet-spam of love for the boys!

Now we just have to sit and wait for all the backstage coverage about how BTS felt about their incredible performance!

Meanwhile, watch the full performance for yourself!

(★BTS) Watch The Historic AMA Performance, Even if you saw it already