These celebrities and special guests attended BTS & TWICE’s Seoul concerts

BTS and TWICE both held massive concerts in Seoul recently and some very special guests came out to show their support for the groups.

BTS and TWICE are two of the most popular k-pop groups both in Korea and abroad so it’s not surprising to fans that even celebrities couldn’t resist attending the groups’ shows.

TWICE’s sold-out event, TWICELAND, was their first solo concert and so naturally JYP would be there supporting the group in full-force. Fans spotted him watching the concert amongst the crowd.

Fellow JYP Entertainment artist, 15&‘s Jimin, showed her support for TWICE by posting a selfie of her and Baek Ayeon at the event to her Instagram.

2PM‘s Nickhyun and Jun.K became the envy of many when they posted this photo of themselves with TWICE at the concert.

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However, the group’s families were the ones really treated like celebrities as fans posed for photo’s with the proud parents and siblings. Many of the group’s families attended the show at Seoul’s Olympic Handball Gymnasium including Tzuyu‘s Mom, Momo‘s parents, and Mina‘s family who had all traveled from abroad to see their girls perform.

Meanwhile, BTS’s WINGS tour kicked off in Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome packed with excited fans. The Big Hit Entertainment group have grown into one of the biggest names in Korea and just as with TWICE, their fan base also extends into the entertainment world as well.

Rapper and entertainer Sleepy showed his support for BTS by posting a selfie with the members after the concert to his personal Instagram.

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Cast members of V‘s debut drama Hwarang, including SHINee‘s Minho also were spotted taking selfies together at the concert.

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Many other SM Entertainment artists were spotted attending the concert, including EXO‘s Kai and Baekhyun as well as SHINee’s Taemin.

It seems that everyone has fallen for these two groups, and not even celebrities, with their extremely busy schedules, could miss out on these special performances.