Celebrities Who Have Tried To Fight Flash Attacks, And Failed 

It can be daunting being a celebrity in Korea, especially when you have to deal with the attack of flashes at any public event.

Some veteran celebrities can handle it a like a professional—and have gone viral for their capability to do so, too!

They have the ability to keep a straight face and still look cool while hundreds of cameras flash at them.

Some have even found ways of subtly tackling it…

How they handle it and still look so flawless continues to amaze their fans.

However, celebrities are human too…

…and can fail to hold their gaze at any given moment.

So, it’s only a given that a few them have been captured trying their best to appear unbothered by it.

Up to the point that they sometimes look a bit odd in the photos.

The downsides of a being a celebrity, right?

Source: Vingle