This Celebrity Couple’s Baby Is Becoming Famous For His Stunning Good Looks

But you’d never guess who his parents are!

The son of a popular celebrity couple has become an internet sensation as his good looks have become widely circulated on multiple forums!


His big doe-like eyes, small button nose, and chubby cheeks have netizens falling in love with this adorable baby!


But the identities of his parents have literally shocked netizens! With visuals like this, you’d expect his parents to be some of the top star actors.


… but he’s the proud son of comedians Yoon Hyung Bin and Jeong Kyeong Mi!


The baby’s name is Yoon Jun, and he’s only ever known to be the most precious baby on the planet!


Now that he’s growing up, he’s showing more and more of his well defined features.


And netizens are having a blast claiming that Yoon Jun hit the “jackpot” when it came to inheriting his parents’ genes in the looks department!


Some even claimed he looked like Wanna One‘s Lai Kuanlin!


Needless to say, Yoon Jun will definitely have a huge following of noona-fans as he continues to grow up as a healthy young toddler!

Source: Nate Pann