Celine Dion Personally Invites BTS Members To Her Concert

BTS‘s V revealed that they received a personal invitation to this music icon’s concert.

At the Billboard Music Awards, V expressed just how big of a fan he was of Celine Dion and, at one point, exclaimed with excitement when the interviewer mentioned he might meet her. Later during the award show, they were even captured dancing along to her performance.

At BTS’s press conference upon returning to Korea after the Billboard Music Awards, V revealed that the group was given a personal invitation by Celine Dion to attend her concert.

Celine Dion invited us to her show, so it was such an honor, but because of our schedule, we couldn’t go. But it was such a big honor.

— BTS’s V

Check out the clip of BTS’s V speaking about the invitation at their recent press conference below:

Source: KoreaHerald