CEO Of Big Hit Entertainment Reveals The Secret Behind BTS’s Success

He credited the success to a simple reason.

While most ARMYs would recognise the founder of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-Hyuk or “hitman” bang…

…He actually shares the position of CEO with Lenzo Yoon.

While “hitman” bang focuses on the creative side of Big Hit Entertainment, the newly appointed co-CEO takes the reins for the business side of the house.

Maeil Business Times had the opportunity to interview Lenzo Yoon for his first media appearance since his appointment.

When asked about the secret BTS‘s immense global popularity, Yoon was humble.

We stuck to the basics… first, there was some luck involved and the company firmly established the principle of content being the most important.

— Lenzo Yoon

Yoon looked towards Big Hit’s mission statement as a source of inspiration in order to “naturally create content that their customers like”.

I always think about how we can provide valuable content to our customers. We don’t just provide music–we are constantly thinking about what our customers want and how we can provide new experiences for them while considering the thoughts and concerns of today’s youth.

— Lenzo Yoon

He acknowledged the fact that fans, at the end of the day, are the most important in this line of business.

In the end, what’s important are the fans, and I think about how to create a new experience for those fans that exceeds their expectations.

— Lenzo Yoon

This allowed Big Hit Entertainment to ensure that BTS managed to spread their meaningful message while communicating naturally with fans.

Yoon is credited with a number of successful business ventures.

These include BT21, comprising 8 special characters for LINE friends designed by BTS. Since its launch in September 2017, it has logged 3.3 billion engagements on Twitter. It also gained popularity through the global LINE Friends brand mall on Amazon, as well as standalone stores in LA Hollywood, Hong Kong, and other cities.

Source: Naver and Translation