Cha Jun Hwan Isn’t Just An Olympic Figure Skater, He’s Also A Singer Who Even Performed On “King Of Masked Singer”

He’s multi-talented for sure.

Cha Jun Hwan isn’t just a renowned figure skater, he’s an all-rounder in singing, dancing, and acting as well! He’s no stranger to the Korean entertainment industry as he has experience acting in K-Dramas and joining programs that centered around his life and passions.

Cha Jun Hwan as a child actor 

One of these shows was MBC‘s King of Masked Singer where he donned a pink suit and an “unscratched lottery” mask to hide his identity. He sang in front of the audience and wowed everyone with his smooth voice!

He also danced to two songs to help the crowd try to guess his identity, one of which exemplified his artistry with smooth moves and jumps, and the other which showed off his versatility with the hard-hitting moves from BTS‘s “ON.”

Though he was eliminated early on, he was able to show a new side of himself to his fans. He also gained new fans at the same time!

The cast members expressed their amazement at his versatility, saying things like, “He’s an athlete who can dance well. He’s good at modern dancing and kicks,” “He’s so cool,” and “Jun Hwan is a skilled figure skater, a skilled singer, and a skilled speaker.”

In the interview after his performance, Jun Hwan circled back to his profession as a figure skater. Though he enjoyed singing for a change, his goals all centered around his passion for skating.

My short-term goal is to succeed in a new quad jump that I’m working on. My long-term goal is to perform as a professional skater for as long as possible. I personally wish to leave many good programs.

— Cha Jun Hwan

He’s full of charms for sure! Check out the full video below to hear Jun Hwan’s touching performance.

Source: kshow123

Cha Jun Hwan