What Chaewon And Sakura Are Trying To Do Differently In LE SSERAFIM Versus IZ*ONE

Here’s what they want to change.

It hasn’t been long since Sakura and Chaewon made their second K-Pop debut in SOURCE MUSIC and HYBE‘s first girl group, LE SSERAFIM.

Sakura in IZ*ONE
Chaewon in IZ*ONE

As fans would know, the two were previously members of IZ*ONE, a project group that was disbanded in 2021. The twelve girls were loved by many fans from all over the world, so it was a huge deal to see the two return to K-Pop.

LE SSERAFIM recently sat down for an interview with Forbes magazine. Aside from discussing how they were recruited, Chaewon and Sakura were asked about their former group, IZ*ONE, and whether they’d do anything differently this time around. They were also asked if their former members have congratulated them for their debut.

Chaewon and Sakura, as members of previous groups, is there anything you’d like to do differently with LE SSERAFIM? And have any IZ*ONE members sent a congratulations message?

— Jeff Benjamin, Forbes interviewer


Chaewon was the first to answer, and she explained that she wants to be able to show fans how much she’s grown since before. She also hopes to release different styles of music.

Regarding whether her IZ*ONE members congratulated her, she revealed that they didn’t do just that, they also watched her performances! They remain supportive even if they are no longer in the same group.

I want to show my growth and continue to take on a variety of styles in music. IZ*ONE members watched my performances and sent congratulations for my debut.

— Chaewon


Similarly, Sakura hopes to show fans a different version of herself. She acknowledged that she has grown older since her IZ*ONE days and hopes that people can see how she has matured both mentally and as an artist.

Rather than showing a new side of me, I’d like to show a more matured version of myself as an artist. I’ve gotten older since IZ*ONE and I’ve also grown a lot mentally.

— Sakura


She added, “I want to be able to show the artist that I am in a manner that feels right to my age and where I am now.” Seeing her recent “Fearless” performances, Sakura can rest assured that she is right on track to achieving her goal!

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Source: Forbes