Chaeyeon can do something shocking with her tongue

K-Pop idols require some degree of flexibility to be able to execute their complicated routines, but Cheng Xiao, Kim Hee Sun, and Jung Chaeyeon take their flexibility to the next level!

Idols often boast various personal talents and reveal them during entertainment programs, but these three idols have talents that require more than just practice. Their unique bodies allow them to move in unusual ways

COSMIC GIRLS‘ Cheng Xiao is already famous for her incredible flexibility, but many may not know that she is actually double-jointed.

Cheng Xiao can twist her arm straight around from behind her.

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon, on the other hand, can roll her tongue in a way that makes it look a wave.

Kim Hee Sun has a very unusual talent indeed. The actress surprised everyone by being able to effortlessly place her pinky toe on top of her ring toe without touching it. See if you can do this one!

She can even do it with both feet.

Source: Dispatch