How Chaeyoung Became The Most Successful Wouter Hamel Fangirl Ever

Chaeyoung living that ultimate fangirl life.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung‘s love of Dutch pop singer Wouter Hamel has finally paid off for her in the biggest way!

ONCEs definitely know of Chaeyoung’s love affair with the singer, as she has a penchant for posting about her love of his song “Breezy” on social media.

“Breezy” in particular charted decently well when it was released, most notably peaking at #36 on the Tokio Hot 100.

Chaeyoung is a huge fan of the song, and would always namedrop it whenever she could.

To the fact that Wouter himself noticed her love for the song!

Then she really hit the jackpot!

She was able to attend a show of his when he was touring Asia, and got to live every fans dream:

She got to meet him in person…and take a picture with him!

She presented him a personalized signed copy of one of TWICE’s albums and took a selfie with him – looking so excited to meet her favorite musician.

Fans, of course, were ecstatic to see their idol meet her idol, and jokingly said that they wish they were Wouter so they could meet Chaeyoung.

It’s so cool when idols show that at heart, they’re fangirls/boys just like the rest of us!


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