Chaeyoung’s love and ambition for learning English garners praise from fans

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has been earning a lot of praise for her dedication to learning and developing her English language skills. 

In addition to being a talented rapper and quite a visual artist as well, Chaeyoung has gained a bit of attention lately for continuing to follow her dream of developing her English language skills. Chaeyoung has been known in the past to be quite a fan of the language, and has even mentioned to fans in the past that she’s actively trying to improve her ability to speak and read.

While TWICE has been extremely busy promoting their songs without much of a break, Chaeyoung has continued to develop her English skills through studying and practice.

Chaeyoung has been spotted carrying an English book with her to schedules.

In addition to simple vocabulary, Chaeyoung even knows words such as “Black Hole,” as seen in this cute doodle of a galaxy. Although she might need to practice her spelling a bit, fans were impressed with the depth of her knowledge.

Among the members of TWICE, Chaeyoung has been known for ambition for English. Even fellow member Nayeon mentioned that Chaeyoung is actively studying the language.

Chaeyoung has been using English since TWICE’s pre-debut survival show SIXTEEN.