The First Thing This Idol Does Once He Arrives at a Hotel Abroad Is Video Call His Girlfriend

They’ve been dating for 8 years now.

On the most recent episode of Channel A’s Sales King, Block B U-Kwon‘s daily life was revealed, drawing a great deal of attention.

Ahead of his trip to Indonesia, U-Kwon kept himself busy by practicing the art of sales as well as studying the Indonesian language.

Once he finished getting ready for filming and arrived in Indonesia, the very first thing he did was video call his model girlfriend, Jeon Sun Hye.

During the show, U-Kwon was captured quickly unpacking his things before updating his girlfriend on his well-being.

As soon as she answered, he showed her every corner of his room while explaining, “This is my room.

U-Kwon’s girlfriend is a popular model named Jeon Sun Hye, and despite having been in a relationship for 8 years, they elicited envy within viewers with their undying displays of affection.


Source: Insight

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