Meet Chanyeol’s Little Black Poodle, Toben

Chanyeol’s puppy, a little black poodle mix named Toben is one of Instagrams rising dog stars.

Toben was first introduced to EXO-L back in January with Chanyeol, who introduced him on his own account before signing Toben up for his own.

The lively, energetic little pup is known as a fan favorite among EXO-L’s for reminding them of his owner  – especially when Chanyeol had curly hair!

Toben doesn’t live with Chanyeol and instead stays with Chanyeol’s mother back home.

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The cutest part about Toben is that his sir name is Bee…. as in, Beethoven. 

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If that isn’t cute enough, the videos uploaded to the ‘dogstagram’ are!

뛰고싶을때 뛰고 멈추고싶을때 멈추는 토벤이?

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There hasn’t been a lot of updates since May, but we’re hoping to see more of Toben again soon!