Chanyeol Says Kai Needs To Make His Instagram Account More Personal

He finds Kai’s Instagram posts “lacking.”

EXO’s Kai held his first Instagram live recently, which featured Chanyeol as a special guest.


Chanyeol has been communicating with fans on Instagram since May 2014, while Kai recently joined Instagram again last month.

As his Instagram sunbaenim, Kai asked for some advice from Chanyeol.

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Chanyeol jokingly told Kai that Kai’s Instagram is still lacking.

Chanyeol: SNS is a way for us to freely communicate with the fans, with all of you, without having going through the company. That’s why we made it right. That’s why you’re doing an Instagram live. So, what you’re doing here is communicating.
Kai: Did you see my Instagram? 
Chanyeol: Yes, I did. I even left comments. 
Kai: What’s the vibe? 
Chanyeol: It’s still a bit lacking. Of course, I like that you posted photoshoot photos you came out nicely in, and photos with certain celebrities. But, it’s still…
Kai: Lacking? 
Chanyeol: If you could show more of “my daily life” or “my personal sides”, it would be nice! 


Kai has used his Instagram so far to upload a lot of behind the scenes photos from his photoshoots, brand appearances, drama and music video shoots, and more.

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Hopefully, Kai will follow Chanyeol’s advice and fans will get to see more personal and lifestyle posts from the artist! After all, who could say no to a cute sleepy puppy pic like this one?

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