Chanyeol’s Sister Shared Her True Feelings About Her Brother, EXO’s Success And More

There’s so much hidden behind their public image.

Park Yoora, a retired YTN announcer and the older sister to EXO‘s Chanyeol, sat down for an interview where she talked about K-Pop, but more importantly, her brother!

As one of the most famous announcers in YTN during her time with the company, Park Yoora frequently became a hot issue for having to announce the success of her brother’s idol group with a straight face.

I’m happy, of course, but I feel the pressure to read it well. Or else, it would go viral on the internet.

— Park Yoora

She also revealed that Chanyeol doesn’t watch much of his sister’s newscast! He’s too busy to even watch all of the shows he appears on, so she give him a pass for it.

I once asked him, ‘Do you watch my news shows?’ He responded, ‘How could I watch [your news] when I can’t even watch all of the shows I appear on?’

— Park Yoora

Chanyeol is well known to have the biggest soft spot for his sister as they’re famous for having the ideal loving sibling relationship. However, Park Yoora says it’s not all as loving as it seems!

There’s a distorted version [of our relationship]. Our image portrays us as very loving siblings but we’re like any other siblings.

We call each other, ‘Hey!’ and ‘You!’

— Park Yoora

But no one can doubt that Chanyeol’s sister has been a strong supporter of EXO since their debut. She sought out everything they did since debut, but more so during their early eras than now…

Their debut was finally confirmed after being delayed several times, so I was also anxiously waiting for it. [When they finally debuted], I was so excited and overwhelmed. I would search all of their albums and listen to every track.

But now… I’m also very busy, so…

— Park Yoora

Although she’s one of their biggest supporters, she also wasn’t entirely sure about EXO’s debut concept of being members from another planet with extraterrestrial powers!

He came home right before their debut. He lived in a dorm, but he came for dinner. While we were eating, he told us, ‘We’ve confirmed our debut. We came from another planet and my power is fire.

— Park Yoora

No matter how much Park Yoora played down their loving relationship, she couldn’t help but smile as she recalled how Chanyeol sang the congratulatory song at her recent wedding.

I asked if he could sing our congratulatory song and he immediately agreed. He later sent me a message after debating for a while.

He sent me Coldplay’s ‘Everglow’. I didn’t know the song, and I didn’t know if it was the right song to sing as a congratulatory song since it’s an English song.

But he told me to read the lyrics closely, and when I did, I was so touched. It could be a song dedicated to an ex-girlfriend, but it could also be said to your older sister.

— Park Yoora

He said that he felt like his heart was going to stop because he was so nervous, but he sang it so well.

— Park Yoora

At the end, Park Yoora left a sweet message for her brother, proving that no matter how much she may jokingly deny it… They’re one of the sweetest siblings in K-Pop!

Chanyeol, I’m glad that your comeback started off successfully, allowing me to read your news on air. Your pitch was well done too!

I’m using the refrigerator (wedding gift) well. I love you.

— Park Yoora