This Chart Of SEVENTEEN’s Songs Organized By Mood Will Help You Redo Your Playlist

They’re all certified bops.

SEVENTEEN is a talented K-Pop group with bops of all colors, ranging from that bright and pumped up summer energy to dark and gloomy sadness galore. Dedicated CARATs have created a chart organizing these songs by moods and it’s just what you needed to update your playlist!


The chart shows two axis. The vertical range shows how bright or dark a song is – the brighter being toward the top and the darker being toward the bottom. The horizontal range shows how energetic or gloomy the song’s vibe is. High energy songs have been placed to the left, while the mellow energy songs have been placed to the right.


Here are SEVENTEEN’s brightest and most energetic songs – perfect for workouts, parties, and dance offs. From the bright & energetic quadrant, “Adore U” proved to have the most iconic SEVENTEEN brightness to it, while “Very Nice” was voted to have the highest energy to get the hype flowing.


As for SEVENTEEN’s more mellow songs, but still with that SEVENTEENish lightness, they ranked as shown below. These songs are better for easy listening – to play on that drive by the coast or during the brunch picnic at the park. The track “Hug”, according to this chart, is the most relaxing one from this quadrant!


SEVENTEEN also has a strong group of hardcore bops that slap with that dark, powerful AF energy. These beats are perfect for getting turnt up for the weekend. “Chuck”, with the highest badass energy, will throw you right in the mood for a stress relieving cycling session or a full speed spring across the neighborhood!


Last, but not least, SEVENTEEN can sometimes be straight up dark and gloomy. Tracks from their darkest, gloomiest quadrant would make excellent additions to your rainy-day-stay-home-be-sad playlist. If you’re looking for the right trigger to make you cry it out, Woozi’s voice in “I Don’t Know” just might do it.


All in all, this chart actually proves SEVENTEEN members are amazing, versatile artists who can send you on that emotional rollercoaster!

Source: THEQOO