This K-Pop Store In Korea Will Have You Jealous With Their Prices

Time to move to Korea.

K-Pop albums aren’t always the cheapest thing to buy in the world, especially for international fans who usually have to pay for shipping as well. K-Pop albums are usually cheaper in Korea because there are no shipping fees, but there’s a store that takes this to the next level. A YouTuber named Unbridled Buffalo shared her experience of a store that sold K-Pop albums for extremely cheap prices.

The store called Aladdin had a wide selection of albums to choose from. They had new albums from popular artists, such as SEVENTEEN being sold at a discounted price.

Albums from BTS were also sold at a discounted price, even if they were relatively newer releases.

The store wasn’t just limited to new releases, older albums of artists were available too and were at a heavily discounted price.

The store’s most affordable items were used albums that were still in great condition. The used albums also displayed contents like photocards so buyers could see what they were getting.

The used albums were at a fraction of the price of the new albums, making them the most affordable item.

Check out the full video below!