Check Out All 6(!) Of Taeyeon’s Tattoos

Each tattoo has a special meaning and looks great on her body!

Taeyeon knows how to interact with her fans by revealing bits and pieces of her life on social media. So when she revealed her neck tattoo, fans immediately fell in love with it!


On her latest Instagram update, Taeyeon showed off her behind-the-neck tattoo that reads “Purpose”. While the tattoo was done in 2017, this is the first time she has uploaded a detailed picture of it.

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Fans reacted with praise and support for Taeyeon, whose count of visible tattoos is now at six.


Taeyeon actually has small, cute tattoos all over her body. The largest one she has is right above her right elbow and says “Serenity”.


This tattoo is often visible in her photoshoots and has become quite trendy among fans who want something simple yet meaningful.

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Taeyeon also has three tattoos on her hand, on her fingers to be exact. Each one describes who she is and what she does. There is an “I” tattooed on her thumb that refers to her hit song “I”.

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This tattoo first became known to her fans when her nail stylist uploaded a close-up picture of her nails. Since then, Taeyeon has not been shy to show this one off multiple times on her Instagram.

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The “F.” on the inside of her third finger on her right hand stands for “Fine” which is also the title of her solo song released 2017.

The tattooist who worked with Taeyeon shared a close-up picture of the tattoo when she had it done. Fans loved the clean design!


The fish on the inside of her third finger on her left hand is by the same tattooist who did her “F.” tattoo. Fans believe this simple fish to mean her zodiac sign, pisces.


Speaking of zodiac signs, Taeyeon has a bigger Pisces symbol behind her left ear that has received a lot of attention and love from her fans!


It seems Taeyeon truly embraces her zodiac sign as a part of who she is and likes to share this identity with everyone!


Taeyeon’s six beautiful tattoos continue to inspire Koreans who are looking for simple but meaningful tattoo ideas!

Source: Dispatch