Chef Baek Jong Won Shades SM Entertainment For Putting SHINee’s Onew On A Strict Diet

Baek Jong Won is not here for super restrictive diets!

SHINee‘s Onew went on a diet ahead of his solo comeback, but Chef Baek Jong Won believes he didn’t need to go on a strict diet.

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Chef Baek Jong Won | Creatrip

Onew was a guest on the first episode of Baek Jong Won’s new YouTube show, Bar Jong Won. He appeared on the show while doing promotions for his new mini album DICE with the title track of the same name.

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During the show, Onew revealed that he had given up carbs for roughly 4 months ahead of his comeback. He also said he had to keep losing weight because he was going to be appearing on TV.

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Baek Jong Won pointed out that Onew was already thin, but he realized that Onew wanted to keep losing weight so he would look good on TV despite the cameras making him look bigger than he really is. He said, “You have to be this skinny in real life to look average on screen.”

However, although he understood Onew’s reasons for wanting to continue losing weight, Baek Jong Won thought Onew looked fine just the way he was. When Onew made fried eggs with tuna on Bar Jong Won, he explained that he ate that particular dish all the time at home while dieting.

While the two were eating Onew’s dish, Baek Jong Won mentioned that Onew didn’t season the food. Onew explained that the tuna added flavor to the dish, but Baek Jong Won believed it was still lacking a bit of flavor.

Although the dish wasn’t as flavorful as Baek Jong Won would have liked it to be, he acknowledged that it would taste good to someone whose diet consisted mostly of chicken breast. After Onew explained that he ate fried eggs with tuna when he got tired of chicken breast, Baek Jong Won said, “This tastes like chicken breast, but less dry.” 

Onew also revealed that he didn’t season his chicken breast when he was a diet, and he didn’t even put salt on them. Baek Jong Won asked, “Who fed you all those chicken breasts? Was it SM Entertainment?”

Onew jokingly said, “Yes, it was. I’ve never left my agency but soon I might.”

We agree with Baek Jong Won that Onew looks amazing just as he is, and we hope Onew gets to eat whatever he wants these days!

Check out the full video below.