Chef Gordon Ramsay critiques BTS Jin’s cooking

Well-known celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for his scathing reactions and strong criticisms, has recently shared his opinion on BTS Jin‘s cooking.

A fan uploaded a set of pictures to Twitter of the BTS idol and his home-made Jajangmyeon, a Korean noodle dish. While pretending to be Jin’s girlfriend, the fan playfully sent it to the British chef wondering if he would share his thoughts on the dish.

Gordon Ramsay is always active on social media and has a habit of responding to exactly this kind of tweet. His opinion of fans cooking is rarely positive and this time was no exception. He criticized Jin’s eggs saying they were overcooked and joked that the noodles were worms.

Ramsay has become known on Twitter for playfully criticizing meals that are shared with him, and while the Hell’s Kitchen star has gained a reputation for his harsh critiques and extreme savagery, his sense of humor still can’t help but shine through.

Look’s like Jin will have to work on those eggs if he want’s to get the chef’s approval.