Chef Hooni Kim Apologized To BTS’s V For Not Giving Him Special Service At His New York Restaurant

“V and his manager ordered 9 dishes just the two of them.” – Hooni Kim

On an episode of MBC’s Video Star, chef Hooni Kim revealed the world-famous stars that have eaten at his Korean restaurant in New York.

Hooni Kim first introduced Natalie Portman as a regular customer at his restaurant.

He shared that Natalie Portman had to wait 20 minutes to get a seat at his restaurant and that he prepared a special vegetarian menu just for her.

When Natalie Portman first visited, we were completely full, so she had to wait 20 minutes. Since she’s vegetarian, I served her various tofu dishes that weren’t even on the menu. After that, she became a regular and came many times afterward.

— Hooni Kim

Hooni Kim also revealed Drew Barrymore as another Hollywood celebrity and confessed that she likes soju more than the food.

Drew Barrymore really likes soju. So she had spicy blue crab stew. She likes soju more than food.

— Hooni Kim

And the last world-famous star that Hooni Kim introduced was none other than BTS‘s V.

When the cast asked if he took a photo with him, Hooni Kim explained that it’s against American customs to take photos with celebrities.

America values personal life a lot more, so I don’t even let my employees take photos of celebrities.

— Hooni Kim

Hoonie Kim went on to share just how much BTS’s V and his manager ordered and expressed his regret of not giving him special service at the time.

I was really surprised because it was just V and his manager, but they ordered 9 dishes. That’s when I became a BTS fan. I only found out V was there from my 20-year-old foreign employee, so I unfortuately didn’t get a chance to give him special service.

— Hooni Kim

As such, Kim Hooni sent a video message to V apologizing for the lack of service and asking him to visit again.

I apologize for my mistake. We normally give special service when customers order 9 dishes or more. If you come back again next time, I’ll be sure to give you lots of special service.

— Hooni Kim

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